Friends of Sherborne House

We are very proud of our close links with parents: the work of the ‘Friends of Sherborne House’ embodies this relationship.
Each class has a parent representative who welcomes new parents to the school, and is a valuable source of information and support. Your class-reps are shown below.
FOSH organises social events, and a wide range of activities for both parents and pupils promoting good communication and ties throughout the school community. Activities include quiz nights, Christmas bazaars, open days, summer fairs, and Easter egg hunts.
Please email, for an enquiry form if you would like to join us.
Role Contact
Chair Stephanie Danby
Vice Chair
Caroline Bishop
Jenny Fisher
Secretary Rachel Sipaul
Year Group Contacts
Pre-Reception Esther Dearman
Karen Henderson and Natalie Plumb
Year 1
Danielle Bell, Holly Driscoll, Kate Evans and Mellisa Fenn
Year 2 Shadi Ganjavian-Connor and Rachel Sipaul
Year 3 Emma Parnell
Year 4 Caroline Bishop, Angela Evans and Helen Molden
Year 5 Emma Latham and Tracey Moran-Bow
Year 6 Emma Duncan and Fiona Kelly