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British Values Week in Action

During the week commencing 16th May we held a special celebratory British Values Week at Sherborne House School. This involved a week of planned activities and a special assembly to celebrate what is great about living in Britain in these modern times.

The Government is very keen for schools throughout Britain to promote what they believe are the fundamental five British Values. These are:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect
  • tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs (and for those without faith).


I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a small selection of the activities that different year groups enjoyed at Sherborne House School to celebrate what is wonderful about British Values.


When considering ‘the rule of law’ the children in Nursery discussed the ‘Golden Rules’ such as what they are and what they are for. The children shared their ideas on new rules which would improve our Nursery.

When considering ‘Democracy’ children have been involved in discussing what themes they would like to do for the summer term and what they would like to change the role-play area into.



The children have discussed class rules as a group and our whole school rules. They have talked about the need to follow the rules and why they are important. They have discussed the behaviour system within Reception and understand how to follow this, and how their behaviour, and their behaviour towards others, can have consequences.

The children took part in ‘Show and Tell’ - an opportunity for them to share their individual achievements. They recognise that all achievements are important.  This was reinforced during CIA time during which the children were encouraged to build on their own interests. They plan their individual activities and have the opportunity to review them either as a class or individually.


Key Stage One

In Year One the children thought about the difference between wants and needs. They then extended this to thinking that some needs are met by having laws. The children now understand that there are laws in our country that ensure children have what they need to be safe and to develop and grow. The children had great fund sorting their ‘wants and needs’ pictures!

They also discussed the poem, ‘No Room for Napoleon’. They answered questions such as, ‘what does Napoleon do that is disrespectful?’ then started designing their own ‘respectful’ island.


In Year Two, the children held a class debate and voted on a simple issue i.e the school should have a swimming pool.  They discussed the advantages and disadvantages and then held a class vote. They also enjoyed an animated discussion on children's rights for example, thinking about their right to choose their future jobs.


Key Stage Two

In Year Three, the children worked hard on identifying their local MP and have gained a better understanding of what MPs do for the people living in their constituency. They also investigated the wider meaning of respect, creating a thought shower of what respect means. The pupils were most enthusiastic when role playing respectful and disrespectful situations.


The children in Year Four really enjoyed themselves during the week and participated in many sensible discussions. They worked hard on a variety of tasks such as discussing how the British Democratic system has been copied by countries around the world, and they have now gained an understanding that some countries are dictatorships and do not have democratic elections. They have learnt that many British laws can be traced back to the Magna Carta or the Great Charter and were able to discuss that many countries’ legal systems are based on the British legal system. They are working hard on their British Values booklets too.


A particularly lively debate was held in Year Five during which the children considered what individual liberty means. They then discussed what liberties the pupils have within our school, such as freedom to choose what to eat for lunch / which clubs to attend / who to play with etc. They enjoyed sharing and discussing how life would be if this freedom was not allowed.


Year Six started off their week holding a class ballot complete with their very own ballot box. They considered what individual liberty means to them and designed their own thought-provoking posters. Fun quizzes have also enhanced their understanding of the fact that Britain is a democracy and how our voting system works.


British Values Assembly

On Wednesday I held a special British Values assembly. The children learnt a little more about the five Key British Values. We were treated to listening to two beautiful and famous musical compositions – I Vow to Thee and Land of Hope and Glory. The children enjoyed joining in the singing too! The also enjoyed listening to the humorous poem, ‘We’re British and We Know It!’ by Josie Whitehead.


I would like to thank all Form Tutors, and LSAs, for their hard work in preparing and delivering such thoughtful lessons throughout the week. Mr Tugby and Mrs Pretty also made the school look very festive indeed by putting the school bunting up, despite the somewhat inclement (British) weather!

Our British Values Week was a huge success and has helped to enhance our children’s understanding and appreciation of this wonderful free country in which they live.

See more photos in our online gallery.

Published on 20/05/2016