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Year 4 to Hilliers Arboretum

On Tuesday Year 4 travelled off to Hillier’s Gardens near Romsey for a fun filled, action packed, educational experience! We were to take part in a number of ‘Habitat’ related activities which support our current Science topic.
We were met by our leaders Jackie and Sarah who promptly took us off on a walk around the wonderful grounds. We saw a variety of evergreen and deciduous trees, a Mediterranean garden, herbaceous borders with amazing colourful plants, luscious planting around ponds and walked through bamboo lined paths and large leaved rhubarb plants, some of which were bigger than the children!  Every now and then we were greeted by stunning artwork that is being displayed in the grounds.
Our next activity was building a home for an animal and the children worked in groups to think of a suitable site and what they would use to construct homes.  They had great fun assembling homes for foxes, beetles and hedgehogs, then sharing their work with their peers.  
After a short break for lunch we spent the afternoon pond dipping and found a diverse assortment of pond animals that keep the ponds healthy.  The children used classification charts to work out the names of the creatures for example fresh water hog louse, midge larval, snails, leeches and worms but our best find was the dragonfly nymph, which eventually would turn into a dragonfly.  Several children in 4W also found newts which caused great excitement!
We then used nets to sweep over meadows and made a tally chart of the meadow bugs we found. The children were surprised and delighted that there were so many – grasshoppers, shield bugs, crane flies, crickets, harvestmen, green capsids, spiders and weevils!
We returned safely to school, tired but with wonderful memories of a fantastic day!
Published on 09/06/2016