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Year 5 Maths Challenge Success!

On Thursday 20th March St Swithun’s held a Year 5 Maths Challenge. Eight Year 5 children four boys and four girls were chosen to take part in this event. There were fourteen groups taking part in this event. The children then chose their team names randomly from the original choice of Team A and Team B! Team A was Sophia B, Poppy G, William Hart, Elliott C. Team B was Emily P, Abigail McC, Tanay V and Ankit N. The challenge comprised of three rounds. The first was a group round where the children had 30 minutes to complete ten complicated problems. The second round was called a mini relay where each group of four children were split into pairs. The first pair’s answer was used as the starting point for the second pair’s answer and so on. If the children completed the questions within four minutes two bonus points were awarded. There were five sets of questions in this round. The last round was a paired relay which proved to be very energetic as it involved each pair answering at great speed and passing their answer to the next pair in their team who were seated away from them. Both teams worked extremely hard and at the half way point, the schools that were doing particularly well were announced; and both our teams were mentioned. At the end of the challenge the award ceremony took place with Team B coming third! The children enjoyed a delicious cake at the end of the challenge before returning back to school, after experiencing a great Maths Challenge. All the children need to be congratulated on their efforts, politeness and sportsmanship throughout the afternoon, which several members of staff from other schools commented on.

Published on 20/03/2014