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Ant-Bullying Assembly

As part of our anti-bullying ethos our children were treated to a theatre workshop on Monday. We welcomed Gareth and Charis from Soren Berrick Productions into our school to perform a play called ‘The Power of One’.
There were two age-appropriate 40 minute performances; firstly, to our KS1 and Reception children and then another one to our KS2 children. The Power of One is a skit-based production, and the show is developed around the use of colours, masks, and boxes. These visual theatrical devices create vivid imagery that help children remember the show and its important messages. The play distinguishes between different types of bullying such as verbal and physical. For our older children there was also an important cyber-safety message in that anything that is posted on-line leaves a digital footprint. 
Our children really enjoyed the performance especially the humorous elements and they were an enthusiastic audience. The actors chose volunteers to play the parts of bystanders, victim and bully and emphasised that bullying is a repeated on-going action and not just a slight disagreement with our friends. There was no escape for the staff either as Miss Blackey and Mr Grabham also became active participants in the show!
At the end of the performance the message that every one of us has the power not to bully and can prevent bullying is reinforced - when the children look inside the last box they see their own image reflected back at them, thus they have 'The Power of One'.
Published on 07/11/2016