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The Rule of Law in Year 4

During British Values Week, the children in Year 4 were particularly interested in the discussions that we had about the Rule of Law. They learned briefly about the signing of the Magna Carta, establishing that all people in the land must obey the same laws, and then found out about the modern judicial system in the UK. They discussed differences between magistrate courts and the Crown Court and had many questions to ask about sentencing powers and the appeal process, spurred by discussions about real life cases. Their interest was so great that we decided to invite an expert in, to answer some of their questions in more detail, and so Mr Underhill, father of Alex and George, visited school on Thursday 25th May in order to talk to the year group. He explained a little about the difference between criminal and civil law, and what role he plays in the court. He gave some examples of sentences that might be handed down for various offences and explained how things had been very different in the past, when hanging and transportation were common sentences. Mr Underhill showed us what he would wear into court when sitting as a judge and many pupils enjoyed trying his gown and wig on. Finally, he explained that judges represent the Queen when they are in court and that therefore it is not permitted to turn your back on a judge. As the session finished, there was a call of ‘All rise’ and, as he left the room, everyone ensured that they respected the judge by turning to face him.




Published on 05/06/2017