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Early Years Explore the Performing Arts Studio

Early Years now have their own special exploration area in the Performing Arts Studio where they can open the Magic Treasure Chest and discover what instruments have been left inside for them. Each week there will be different challenges to solve both as a whole class and in small groups. The children really enjoyed discovering what the pirates had left for them this week and explored all the different ways the instruments could be used to make a wide range of sounds.
This week’s challenge was to select the correct instrument by ear. The children were played three different instruments – a slapstick, a chatterbox and small drum. They then had to shut their eyes and face the other way whilst one was played and work out which one it was.
The children also explored the Boomwhackers and kept a steady pulse whilst singing. They are very keen to know what next week’s challenge will be.
Published on 06/06/2017