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Sport Reports to Week Ending 30/06

Venue: Sherborne House Sports Day

Date: 20th June 2017

Team: Whole School





Report: EYFS - On a beautiful morning we had our Early Years Sports Day. All the children from Pre-Reception and Reception classes were placed in small groups and they moved round a variety of throwing and running activities. They were all awarded stickers at each of the events, such as: the water run, the sprint and dressing up race, shuttle races, throwing a tail ball and the soft javelin. The children thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and the Year 6 pupils ran the events on the day.


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Venue: St.John’s

Date: 21st June 2017

Team: U11A Rounders

18 ½


7 ½

St.John’s U11A

Report: The U11A Rounders team had their strongest batting and fielding performance and were comfortable winners.

Team: Erin, Jessica, Georgia, Emily, Emily, Libby, Holly, Ruby R (Captain), Gaia and Taya.

Player of the Match: Georgia for her fielding and Taya and Ruby for their batting.


Venue: St John’s

Date: 21st June 2017

Team: U11B Rounders



15 ½

St John’s College U10A

Report: On a beautiful afternoon we had a close first innings, winning it 11-9 ½ .  We batted superbly in both innings scoring lots of rounders to win the match comfortably. 

Team: Natasha, Ellie, Isabel, Harshita, Ruby, Ella, Connie, Bea, Amelia and Trinny.

Player of the Match: Ellie for batting superbly and Natasha for her bowling skills.


Venue: St John’s College

Date: 22nd  June 2017

Team: 9A Cricket




St John’s College U9A Cricket

Team: U8A Cricket




St John’s College U8A Cricket

Report: A good afternoon of cricket saw the boys play 4 overs per pair, which allowed the boys greater time in the middle when batting and two consecutive overs. There was much improvement with the running between the wickets and some improved bowling. Altough results did not go our way, all of the boys enjoyed their afternoon.

Team U9A: Edward, Shravan, Kishan, William, Blake, Alfie, Joe, Arthur, Arun, George 

Player of the Match: Arthur

Team U8A: Oscar, Krishnu, Riyan, Krish, Tom, Darsh, Ammar, Andrew, Fraser, Atharv

Player of the Match: Darsh


Venue: St Swithun’s

Date: 22nd  June 2017

Team: U9A Rounders

5 ½



St Swithun’s U9A

Report: In a very close game they scored 4 ½ rounders in the first innings as we played smaller 7 a side matches.  With one of our strongest players out on her first bat, we came close trailing by half a rounder.  The second innings was better as we tightened up our fielding.

Team: Lucy, Anu, Sophie, Isabel (C), Tamsin, Lily, Emily and Lily.

Player of the Match: Lucy for fielding and Lily for batting.


Venue: St Swithun’s

Date: 22nd  June 2017

Team: U9B Rounders




U9B Rounders

Report: The girls had a close first innings with the score 3 ½ apiece.  Both sides batted well in the second innings with Emilia scoring 1 ½ rounders, Thea 1 and halves from Annabelle and Loella.  Our resilience was rewarded with a draw.

Team: Thea, Amber (C), Annabelle, Loella, Mandy, Ruby, Alice and Emilia.

Player of the Match: Amber and Thea for fielding and Emilia for batting.


Venue: Twyford

Date: 29th June 2017

Team: U9A Rounders

10 ½


 14 ½

Twyford  U9A

Report: Twyford had stronger batting skills and led 4 ½ -9 but in the second innings we found our range to compete for the game.  Emily used her guile to score a rounder and a half and Anu scored lots of rounders.  DS

Team: Lucy, Anu (C), Thea, Sophie, Issy, Tamsin, Lily, Emily and Evie.

Player of the Match: Lucy for strong bowling and Anu for batting.


Venue: Twyford

Date: 29th June  2017

Team: U9B Rounders

10 ½


10 ½

Twyford  U9B

Report: Twyford led by half a rounder in the first innings.  Both sides improved their batting in the second half with Amber, Emilia, Loella, Lily, Ayushna and Sophie scoring halves or full rounders.  Our resilience was rewarded with another draw. 

Team: Thea, Amber, Lily, Annabelle, Loella, Mandy, Ayushna, Haya, Sophie, Alice and Emilia (C).

Player of the Match: Lily for bowling well and Emilia for batting.



Published on 22/06/2017