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Preparing to Give a Talk

The children have researched their chosen topic and created a PowerPoint to complement their talk and inform their audience. The topics range from historical periods such as the Tudors and the Egyptians, sporting activities such as football and hockey to places the children have visited such as Disney World and the Mulu Caves. Year 6 have discussed the features of a successful talk paying particular attention to the volume (too loud and the audience will have to cover their ears and too soft and they won’t hear what you are saying), pace (talking at a normal pace and taking a breath between sentences), expression (sounding excited about your talk, not bored), making eye contact with your audience and finally body language (no fidgeting, swaying or having hands in pockets). Year 6 have worked hard to produce interesting and lively talks; they are working at staying within the time limit of 4 minutes, producing cue cards and practising their talks in small groups. We are looking forward to hearing the finished talks and increasing our knowledge of the different topics.



Published on 30/06/2017