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Your loose change could help to save lives!

The children at Sherborne House were filled with awe and admiration when Mrs Ganjavian-Connor, an existing parent and long-time supporter of the school, recently came into one of our assemblies to outline her plans for a forthcoming expedition to climb the Matterhorn. Mrs Ganjavian-Connor explained that her training for this expedition began in September last year and that she would be heading out to the Chamonix Valley on the 14th July to make final preparations and begin her altitude acclimatisation before making her attempt to climb the Matterhorn in August. She explained that she was undertaking this expedition in support of the Murray Parish Trust in their attempts to raise 2 million pounds for a new Paediatric Emergency & Trauma Department in Southampton. When completed, the unit will provide dedicated accommodation and support for the families of children receiving specialist medical treatment from counties all across the south of England.
As a school, we would like to support Mrs Ganjavian-Connor and the Murray Parish Trust in their fundraising for this very worthy cause and we are therefore asking that the children and their families save up all their loose change over the summer holidays. All those coins that are currently sitting at the bottom of a purse or bag or even in the central console of the car will soon add up so we are asking that they be saved and collected for the duration of the Summer Holidays. 
We would like the children to bring all their saved coins into school on Wednesday 13th September, in the hope that we will be able to create a temporary piece of artwork with them before they are handed on to Mrs Ganjavian-Connor. 
So please remember to save and collect all your loose change as together, we will be helping to provide much needed support to the families of ill and injured children from our region for many years to come.
You may also sponsor Mrs Ganjavian-Connor's Matterhorn at
Published on 07/07/2017