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Summer Term in Reception

The Reception children began the summer term with a new topic focused on ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. They read the story and had a discussion about the key events that occurred in the book. This resulted in a conversation about the similarities and differences between caterpillars and butterflies. As part of the foundation stage profile, the children are required to observe plants and animals, looking at similarities, differences and change. The children recorded their observations, with some children listing their ideas, whilst others identified what they thought was the most important difference between the creatures.
The children’s maths lessons were also linked to the story. They investigated symmetry, using butterflies to create symmetrical wing patterns. The children explored symmetry using a variety of resources and media including; paint, shapes and construction materials. They used mirrors, placed on the line of symmetry, to check that their creations were symmetrical.
This term they also thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Longdown Activity Farm as part of their topic about Farms. The children looked at similarities and difference between a variety of animals and their young. They helped to collect both chicken and duck eggs, remembering to hold them carefully as they were delicate! They also fed adult and kid goats, this time needing to hold on tight to the plates and bottles as the animals were very greedy! The children enjoyed a tractor and trailer ride around the farm experiencing what it is like for a farmer to drive around his farm. It was very bumpy at times!
The children then wrote about all the activities they participated in during their trip to the Farm and for Sports Day. They wrote recounts ordering the events of each day. They looked at a variety of pictures and videos from the Farm visit and Sports Day, then discussed the order of events from each day as a class. They have been learning about time connectives and adjectives, including these in their writing. The children thought carefully about the appropriate adjectives to use in each sentence in order to add further description. Can you spot the time connectives and adjectives the children have used in their writing? To assist their recounts children also used a variety of resources independently including word and sound mats. 
As the weather has improved this term, Reception have spent a lot of time outdoors, exploring the environment and taking their learning outside. The children were able to be creative using the natural resources in the local environment as well as helping to extend their imaginative play during Child Initiated Activities. The children have developed their gross motor, problem solving and team work skills in the outdoor learning environment with a selection of games and activities. They have especially enjoyed using the bikes and trikes on the court area.
To finish off the term, Reception worked hard rehearsing songs and actions for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Sing-a-long. These included traditional nursery rhymes, topic related songs and even ‘Farmers in his Den’ sung to parents in French! The children did a fantastic job! They then enjoyed a picnic lunch with parents and their teddies on the lawn.
From all the Reception Staff, we wish the children a lovely summer holiday and all the best in their new classes in Year One.
Published on 11/07/2017