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Excitement as Year 1 Get Growing!

The summer term in Year 1 has been a whirlwind of excitement with new adventures every week!
In English, the children have written a range of genres, all linked to our two themes; “Into the Stars” during the first half of the term and “How plants Grow”, during the second half. The children have developed their newspaper writing skills through reporting about the Apollo 11’s mission in 1969 and then reporting a terrible crime when a dreadful giant began stealing treasures from the village! The children’s use of newspaper language has greatly improved and everyone enjoyed interviewing witnesses and including their quotations in their newspaper articles. 
All of the children took their mini selves outside to explore what the world is like when you are tiny! They observed that every day objects can become very dangerous and that animals and insects appear to be monsters! The children have produced some lovely descriptive writing about what the world is like when you are small and have also written a story about their adventures!
As out “How Plants Grow” topic began, something very mysterious happened in Year 1 – a magic box appeared! The children deduced from the clues inside that the magic bean seller must have left it! As the days past, more and more magical items appeared included packets of magic beans and magical, sparkly water! The children were excited to discover that the bean seller wanted them to plant some beans of their own!  However, first they had to discover what plants need to grow well!
Luckily the Year 1 teachers happened to have planned a Science topic to help the children all they would need about growing plants! The children learnt all about what plants need to grow, how the parts of a plants do different jobs and what conditions plants grow best in. They especially enjoyed conducting an experiment using cress seeds during which they planted seeds and monitored their growth in four different types of conditions to discover which conditions are best for a plant to grow in. The children had to make and justify their predictions before beginning the experiment, monitor and record how each set of seeds was growing each day and write a conclusion to their experiment, summarising what they had learnt. Each day the children were excited and interested to observe the cress and discover how their growth was progressing and why.
Year 1’s artwork has reflected their work on plants as they have studied famous artists whose work was inspired by plants and flowers. The children learnt about Monet and his impressionist techniques. They practised their own impressionist skills and used them to create shaded flowers in different colours. They also enjoyed learning about Vincent Van Gogh whose love of the sunflower fields and bright, vibrant colours of the French countryside inspired a lot of his artwork. The children used bold colours of their own to create some beautiful sunflower paintings, inspired by Van Gogh’s work.
Maths has been a lot of fun this term, especially our unit on capacity. The children in Year 1 had a wonderful time measuring different ingredients to make their own potions and loved exploring all the gruesome ingredients that each recipe required! They were so inspired by their potion making, we decided to design a potion of our own that would make us shrink! The children created a potion book, writing their own recipes and instructions. They also made their shrinking potions and designed labels for their potion cup! Finally, last week, the children actually shrunk!
In R.E. the children have been learning about special journeys. They have considered special journeys that we have been on and reflected on how we felt at different stages of our journeys. The children have learnt about the special journey that Muslims make to Mecca and why this pilgrimage is so important to Muslims. They enjoyed hearing first hand from one member of Year 1 what the journey is like and why it was such a special experience. The children also learnt about the celebration of Eid and shared the experiences of two members of Year 1 who have celebrated this special time for Muslims.
Published on 13/07/2017