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A Busy Term in Year 2!

In English the children enjoyed looking at a range of instructions and identified the key features that all instructions have. The children used these features to make the success criteria. They learnt to be bossy by using imperatives in their writing and know that instructions need to be clear for others to follow. All the children wrote their own set of instructions for how to plant a broad bean, which provided a curriculum link with our science topic about plants. The children have also written their own traditional stories with an alternative ending. They studied the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Inventing an alternative ending proved a very popular task and the children thought of some very imaginative endings for what happened to the wolf at the end of the story. In maths the children have been continuing to build on their knowledge and understanding of the four number operations and problem solving.
In maths, the children have been focussing on using the skills learnt throughout the year.  They have enjoyed doubling and halving numbers to make the correct quantities for a recipe. The children have completed a wide range of problem solving activities and have taken on lots of challenges through the use of our ‘Thinking Tom’ Cheeky challenge cards.
The children have been very busy in all of their science lessons. They all enjoyed watching a broad bean seed germinate in their own miniature greenhouses. After a week, they transplanted their seedling into a small pot with soil and observed it closely to see how they changed each day. The children also completed a ‘Broad Bean Investigation’ where they learnt about what a fair test is and what plants need to grow to ensure they are healthy. The children have also learnt about the properties of materials, including how fabric was made. They had a go at weaving their own patterns using colourful card. One of the main highlights of the summer term was the ‘Living Eggs’ topic. All the children thoroughly enjoyed watching the eggs hatch in the incubator and 12 fluffy chicks were then transferred across to the brooder. The children were responsible for looking after the chicks for the 2 weeks they were in school. They kept a daily detailed dairy and recorded how they grew and developed during this time. They all enjoyed thinking of imaginative names for the children and they all voted for their favourite name. 
In history, the children have enjoyed learning about Lord Horatio Nelson, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. The children were excellent at recalling facts about Lord Nelson, especially how he was blind in one eye and had one arm! The children have also learnt about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. They spent some time researching and recording facts about them both and have even written their own letters to Her Majesty telling her what they already know about her and asking her some questions. The children also enjoyed looking closely at portraits of the Queen and drew their own. In geography the children looked at a wide range of maps and discussed what a map needed to have. They went on a journey around school, mapping their route on a journey stick. Back in class, they transferred their journey stick into a drawn map and labelled each location they had visited. This helped them to understand how map makers make maps. In art the children have learnt about the three main methods of collage – scrunching, layering and mosaic. They used their favourite method to create their own individual leaf or flower collage based on our science topic. 
The children have enjoyed evaluating, designing and making their own puppets this term. To begin with, the children looked at a range of puppets and evaluated them, recording what they liked and improvements they would make. The children then designed their own puppet. They could choose between a finger, hand or string puppet. After planning and writing a ‘shopping list’ of items they needed, the children carefully prepared their materials and created their puppets. 
In RE the children have been learning about Special books. They thought about books that were special to them and explain to the class why. They then made their own page to contribute towards the class special book. The children know that the Bible is special to Christians and the Torah is special to Jews. In PSHE & C, the focus has been on changes in the last half term. This has prepared the children for their move up to Year Three and they have had the chance to discuss what they are looking forward to.
In ICT the children have been learning how to stay safe when using the internet.  They have used a range of websites including the BBC and Espresso to research our topics for example, plants.  The children have learnt all about the purpose of emails and have, as a year group, written a reply to an email from Mrs Lawrence, answering all of her questions.
Published on 13/07/2017