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Year 6 Has Talent!

This term has been a busy one for year 6 and included memorable events which it is hoped the children will remember for some time. These included the residential to Tipi World and visit to King Edward VI School’s French Café, the Summer Concert and  last Friday’s Prize Giving and Leavers’ Service and Year 6 have Talent (a performance to share those talents of the year group which we do not normally see in school). In English, the classes have been presenting their talks on their chosen topics and sharing their information with the others in the year group. Sex Education sessions have also taken place to help the children appreciate and understand the changes that take place during puberty and how to deal with them. The children had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any of the issues raised, as well as completing a booklet to take home. After initially meeting as a whole year group, Mr Bennet and Mrs Domone took separate sessions for the boys and the girls so the particular changes that will be faced could be developed in more detail for the particular gender.
As each child in Year 6 was presented with their book at the Leavers Service, a few words were spoken by their tutor about their achievements and Mrs Hopson-Hill gave a speech outlining the year and the successes that had taken place. Parents were invited to stay to lunch and were then treated to the talent show with performances ranging from magic tricks, mini dramas, a choi kwang do display, gym displays, singing and instrumental performances. Parents should check their email for links to the full show! Afternoon tea was then served to round off this exciting day. The last Wednesday and Thursday of the term, Treehouse Theatre were in school working with year 6 to create, rehearse and perform a play on the Tudor dynasty. Following the performance of the play to the parents, a BBQ was enjoyed by all.
This culminated the busy term for year 6 and left them with happy memories of their time at Sherborne House.
Published on 14/07/2017