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An Exciting Summer Term in Year 3

As part of our PSHE curriculum, they all enjoyed participating in British Values Week, which embraced Democracy, The Rule of Law,--Individual liberty, Tolerance and respect of other faiths. This year of course we had the added excitement of a General Election. The children really enjoyed conducting their own research into the four main party leaders and shared their information in a class debate, which included some of their own policies. To illustrate at first hand the importance of democracy we then held a Year group election, with pupils completing their own ballot paper.
In English, the pupils have explored a wide variety of poetry from Spiral poems to Calligrams, some of which were on display for Open Day. The children have also been further developing their writing skills by writing their own adventure stories. These were taken a step further, by proof reading and editing in some detail by the children themselves. The children all really enjoyed sharing their adventure stories with different classes across the school.
Angles, coordinates, clockwise and anti-clockwise have engaged the children in mathematics as these areas of learning are highly visual. We have continued to develop their wider understanding of problem solving through real life scenarios, which require the children to apply the method and strategies we have been learning throughout the year.
The children completed some fantastic rock projects in Science earlier in the term, which clearly demonstrated their independent knowledge and understanding of detailed research and presentation. The children have also investigated the life cycle of plants and they have all enjoyed watching their own plants growing in the classroom and followed this by further investigating water transport within a plant.
Design Technology has focussed on different forms of weaving including cross frame, loom and three dimensional string frame. These colourful creations gave the children the opportunity of developing their independent use of colour and texture through association with objects from the natural environment, which they have studied in Art. Enlarged flower studies, using shades and tones of colour were also created following observational drawing studies taken within and outside the classroom setting.
Nearing the end of the term, the children had the opportunity of planning and running their own stall on Open Day as part of our Business and Enterprise initiative. They really enjoyed taking charge of their paper aeroplane stall, which required accurate measuring, calculating change and recording results accurately. It was also very rewarding to see the children so animated in this task and seeing their pride when showing parents and family members around their classrooms, to view displayed work.
This term Year 3 visited Butser Ancient Farm for their end of year trip, which embedded the work covered in History on the Stone Age to Iron Age. It was a fantastic day, with so many different activities for the pupils to enjoy in a glorious outdoor setting.
The Year 3 teachers would like to wish you all a very happy and safe summer holiday with your children.
Published on 13/07/2017