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Year 5’s exciting term!

In maths, the main focus for calculation was long multiplication and division and their application in solving word problems. Shape work included practical work with 3D shapes, nets and rotational symmetry of regular and irregular shapes. We enjoyed using Symmetry Artist on the computers to make our own shapes with varying orders of rotational symmetry. Work with data included conversion graphs and time-distance graphs. We also looked at ways of showing the probability of an event happening and compared theoretical and practical outcomes.
English work focused on argument and debate texts. The children started by exploring what the different language features were and then applied this knowledge to writing their own. The children really enjoyed sharing their ideas in our class debates on ‘should girls and boys play in the same sports teams’ and ‘should homework be banned’. The children all had to think carefully about using adverbials to express emotions to help persuade people, whilst also responding appropriately to other speakers. The focus then shifted to stories with dilemmas and the children experimented with ways to show mood within their writing. There has been on-going grammar, spelling and punctuation work. Guided reading sessions have continued on a regular basis and have enabled the children to experience a range of texts, whilst improving comprehension skills and developing an increased understanding of inference and particular vocabulary choices.
Our science topic, Forces, was very enjoyable. The children worked hard identifying forces in action and considered their effect. They now have a better understanding of gravity and were able to use Force meters to take measurements in Newtons. The ‘friction shoe’ investigation was a particular success and the children worked hard making sensible predictions and writing detailed conclusions. They also now have an understanding that air resistance is a force sometimes called a drag. The children worked particularly hard designing a parachute that would transport an egg safely to the ground. The more recent topic: Animals Including Humans helped the children understand about the stages of human development. They developed their recording skills such as plotting data, such as the growth in height and weight of babies, into a graph and were able to successfully interpret this information.
In geography, we have been thinking about the needs of a settlement and the needs of the planet as a whole. We examined different types of renewable and non-renewable energy in the U.K. and had great fun making our own water wheels. We found out where some of our food comes from and calculated food miles (the distance a food item has travelled). We then discussed the importance of conserving food, water and energy supplies. In history, we have been researching the history of Southampton. We split into groups with each group taking a different time period. The groups then decided how they were going to share their information with the rest of the class. The presentations were very creative and included drama activities, PowerPoints and leaflets.
In PSHE & Citizenship, the children learnt about the Five Fundamental British Values during our very successful British Values week, which included discussing what is meant by mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths, cultures and beliefs. The children also thought hard about the many different factors that make up a person’s identity and were able to discuss their own ideas and opinions clearly and sensibly. They have written superb and thought-provoking poems on 'Identity' too. During June, the children were curious to find out more about the General Election and what the different political parties had to offer. They particularly enjoyed participating in a 'mock' General Election of our own!
All of the Year 5 children have been selected to represent the school in matches this term, although the weather has not been kind and many fixtures for both cricket and rounders have been cancelled. A small number of children also represented their age group at the Winchester swimming gala. There have been lots of opportunities for performing this term with many children involved in choirs and rock band for the summer concert and the large majority taking part in devised drama exams. Individual piece of work from art lessons have been included in the school’s Summer Art Exhibition in the Cedar. It is fantastic to see that, throughout the term, all the children have made the most of the opportunities that they have been given and have benefitted from a wide range of activities across the curriculum.
Published on 14/07/2017