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Positions of Responsibility

We are delighted to announce the following positions of responsibilities:
Head Boy - Kabir P
Deputy Head Boy - Freddie B
Head Girl - Avantika U
Deputy Head Girl - Rhyseren T
Beeches Sport Captains - Aadi R and Emily K
Oaks Sport Captains - Thomas M and Freya G
Pines Sport Captains - Charlie D and Natasha B
Beeches House Captains - Aman P and Ellie O
Oaks House Captains - Charlie L and Ioanna S
Pines House Captains - Devansh B and Tilly L
Librarians - Thomas F, Seb G, Teagan M, Autumn R, Sonny S, Eva S, Madison T-Y and Fatima Z
Prefects - George G, William H, Simran K, Charlotte L, Taren M, Orla R, Tessa A, Archie C-S, Ethan D, Emily E-H, Bradley K, Anaaya L, Jack M, Zayd O, Jacob P and Findlay R
Published on 15/09/2017