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Punchy Punctuation in Year 5

In one of the first English lessons of the year, the pupils in Year 5 each embraced their inner ‘Bruce Lee’ as we took to the playground to learn some 'Kung Fu' Punctuation. They were tasked with remembering a selection of actions to represent different forms of punctuation. The commitment to the activity was extraordinary and our volunteer leaders were superb in modelling the actions. It was evident in their faces that the children thoroughly enjoyed the chance to become martial artists and, apart from having fun, the purpose of the activity was to focus their attention on the range of punctuation available to use, making it fun to ‘read’ their own work. As the actions are fun to use, we have found that the children are more focused on including them in their own writing. This week, we have looked at punctuating sentences that include direct speech in various forms and we will be looking at the differences between direct and reported speech as well. Moving forward, the children will be encouraged to use a wider variety of punctuation as well as justifying the reasons for their choices.



Published on 15/09/2017