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Year 3's Spring Assembly

Year 3 have been busy putting together our Spring term assembly.  Its been so much fun!

In order to show case our learning so far in key Stage Two the children have been preparing for our Year 3 assembly.  The pupils decided what we would include in our assembly.  Next, they chose which groups they would like to be in and created a section to perform.  Each group wrote their script with the help of the teachers.  The year group worked with Mrs Lee to add in an amazing song all about Tutankhamun. After this, Year 3 read through their lines before jumping onto the stage to rehearse.  They tried to use big clear voices and even added actions to make the assembly more interesting.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the writing and were extremely excited to show the grownups what they have learnt.

A word from our Head Boys and Girls...

On Thursday, the Year Threes performed a fantastic assembly!  It was about so many subjects, that there were almost too many to count!  The assembly started with registration, just like a normal school day, but it was not going to be for very long .....
The bell rang, and it was time for the first lesson, which was English, in which the children produced some very informative leaflets about Tutankhamun, which were all very bright and attractive.  Actually, they were just like the children’s costumes, which were from the time of the Ancient Egyptians, and were golden and shiny!  To demonstrate what they had done in music, the Year Threes then played the ukulele, which was great fun to listen to.  All of a sudden, they went on an aeroplane to France! Their adventures took the explorers to Paris, the capital of France, and we visited the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.  The most fascinating part was the history, during which we all learnt that the Egyptians mummified people. It was all a bit gory!  Nest came a super song which fitted in with the Ancient Egyptian and Tutankhamun theme.  The bell rang again, and it was time for science!  On the stage the Year Threes had a full-length skeleton, and they then told us all about how the bones hold up the body, and what job each part of the main skeleton did.  The presenters also told us about the biggest bone and then the smallest bone, which they said was in the ear.
We would like to congratulate the Year Three children for their fantastic work in putting-on such an informative and exciting assembly.
Kabir, Avantika, Freddie and Rhyseren, Senior Prefects



Published on 01/02/2018