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Challenging, Marvellous, Magnificent Maths Riddles!

In Year 3, we have been learning to do Maths riddles and we have been making them using different multiples that we know!

Firstly, the children solved riddles given to them by Miss Parkinson and Miss Currey. They had to think carefully about the multiples that they knew, tens and ones numbers and if the number was more or less than an amount. Sometimes we had to rearrange the clues and solve the most useful one first. We then made our own riddles for a friend to solve…

Can you solve our riddles?

Yusef – I am a multiple of 6 and 8. I am between 10 and 30. My ones number is a 4? What number am I?

Tabetha – I am a multiple of 2, 5 and 10. I am more than 10 and less than 30. What number am I?

Fred – I am a multiple of 12 and 8. I am bigger than 90 and smaller than 100. What number am I?

Alba – I am a multiple of 4 and 1. I am bigger than 20 and smaller than 60. I am 10 x 4 + 4. What number am I?

The children enjoyed making their riddles so much they did not want to stop, so the teachers decided to let them spend a little bit longer making and solving more challenging riddles!



Published on 23/02/2018