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Welcoming our Bellevue Colleagues!

As I am sure you will be aware, a couple of weeks ago, Sherborne House welcomed a team of teachers from across the Bellevue schools to come and spend a couple of days with us.  This is an opportunity offered to all teachers within the group each year, to share and reflect upon the very best aspects of our practice, and indeed, I am leading a Review in a couple of weeks at one of the northern schools. 

It is a wonderful opportunity for the host school to showcase all its excellent teaching, and to also discuss ways in which ideas can be developed, with a team of experienced and knowledgeable colleagues.  I am very pleased to share with you a letter I received from the Head of Weston Green School who led the review at Sherborne House.  Unsurprisingly, the children were, of course, the highlight for the team, and their behaviour and positive attitude to all aspects of school life, but particularly towards this year’s ‘challenge’ focus, was commented on as follows:

‘The calm and focused enthusiasm of the children was in strong evidence throughout the Learning Review and the children were unfailingly polite, positive and engaging.  There is an already obvious and yet still growing culture around challenge which is understood, embraced and verbalised readily by the staff and children.’

Mr Harrison’s letter read as follows:


I recently had the pleasure of leading a Learning Review team at Sherborne House. The Learning Review is a peer to peer process, which allows Heads and other school leaders and teachers in the Bellevue Group to work closely in one of our sister schools each year on a focus of their choice around teaching and learning. We spend time in classrooms, talking to pupils, staff and parents and then share our findings, both to affirm where the school is and to give some tips on ways to move forward. It’s a collaborative and collegiate process which schools find very supportive and useful.

One only has to be part of the Sherborne House school family for a short time to sense the warmth of the school and the obvious happiness of the children – this is reinforced by any conversation one might be lucky to have with the children or staff.

The children’s quiet sustained focus and their enthusiasm to develop their own thinking (and that of their friends, which is admirable) is another obvious strength of this lovely school. As an educator, it was thrilling to see so much impressive work being done in an atmosphere where the collective delight in everyday school is striking.

There were many excellent elements to take away from the lessons that the team saw and something I particularly want to take back into my own school was the level of challenge in the teaching and learning in the upper school; the questioning and the precision with which pupils could see the learning was incredibly effective and impressive.

Mike Harrison - Headteacher at Weston Green School


My thanks to all members of the Sherborne House community for their support and contribution.

Heather Hopson-Hill

Head Teacher


Published on 23/02/2018