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History Enrichment Workshop

Twenty children from across KS2 took part in a history workshop.  We had a very happy and productive morning!  The children were placed in four teams of five, each team having representatives from each of the KS2 year groups.  Their challenge was to produce a 5 minute presentation on the subject of Tenochtitlan, the ancient capital of the Aztec civilisation - as the children had yet to discover!  The delivery of the presentation was entirely for teams to choose, and could include diagrams, pictures, writing, poetry, drama – whatever the team members felt most clearly and appropriately communicated their ideas.  No longer being part of the history curriculum, the first task was, of course, to find out all about the Aztecs and their way of life; the children used a wide variety of resources, including websites and books to answer some initial questions.  However, prior to commencing, we discussed both perseverance and teamwork, which were agreed as being key skills for the morning.  We then discussed whether teams would have a leader, or whether tasks would be identified and allocated by the team as a whole, each individual’s strengths, core skills and interests being the means by which decisions would be reached.  The seriousness with which the children considered and applied the democratic process, one of the core British Values, was extremely rewarding to see.
At the end of the morning, following nearly three hours of research, discussion and creativity (alongside just a little re-drafting!) the teams were ready to give their presentations.  Mrs Szasz took up her role as film director and producer, and four excellent and knowledgeable performances took place!
Congratulations to all the children who took part with such enthusiasm and determination, which resulted in a highly enjoyable and valuable morning’s work.
Published on 26/02/2018