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Science Week in Reception

Reception have celebrated Science week, we had an explosive time with Silly Science and the animals from Zoolab.

Reception took part in some extremely explosive experiments on Monday. They learnt that fire needs oxygen to burn, they watched a gravy lid shoot off the tube causing great excitement. The children also made their own explosions using an ‘ancient’ camera roll tub, water and a vitamin tablet! They shot up to the ceiling. Next, the children watched a bottle of cola erupt like a volcano. Many children have written about this in their STEM diaries, as it was a keen favourite. However, the highlight has to be when we learnt about fuel and how to make a rocket ‘blast off’. We watched how with one jump on the ball the rocket shot straight into the ladies bottom!!!!! 
We were very lucky to have a visit from Zoolab this week too. The children met a giant snail, a millipede with 268 wriggly legs, a very hairy tarantula, a corn snake and a very cute baby gerbil. The children got to experience holding them and touching the animals (if they wanted too). The millipede tried to escape which made us all laugh very much. The children found out many facts about these animals, we were amazed to find out that the tarantula will turn pink in a couple of years. 
Published on 05/03/2018