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Fantastic Fun Fabulous Farm Trip

One colourful, comfy coach, slithering snakes, playful pigs, giggling guinea pigs, bouncing bunnies, grinning goats and super sheep!

Written by Year 3
Last Tuesday, we went to visit Down to Earth farm. It was an amazing and mind-blowing day! We went to visit the pigs, who were called Penny and Priscilla. We learnt that pigs have a very hard skull and that in the olden days the pig’s hair was used to make toothbrushes! We also held chicken’s eggs and saw a practise egg that chickens lay as their first egg. After this, we fed the greedy goats and sheep.  We had to make a lolly pop shape out of hay for the animals to eat. Inside the classroom, we saw a corn snake, a bearded dragon, a gecko and an albino hedgehog called Hettie. Albino means when the pigment in your skin is different.
After a delicious packed lunch, we replanted some seedlings.  We could choose between coriander, tomato, radish, mixed lettuce, parsley and mint. We had to wear gardening gloves and be very careful not to the break the little seedlings. Rachel then watered our plants.  After that, we went to see beets and swede growing in the planters. Finally, we went to visit the rabbits and guinea pigs. It was chilly and we warmed up the guinea pigs by holding them on our laps on a special blanket. They felt soft and relaxing to stroke.  
“It was the best day in Year Three” Sage 
“We got to hold a snake that was very scaly” Aydin
“My favourite part of the day was when we got to hold the guinea pigs” Ruby
Published on 27/02/2018