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Another Term of varied Learning in Year 5

Pupils in Year 5 have had a range of great learning experiences over this term, during classroom lessons as well as during many different extended learning opportunities.

Highlights of this term, nominated by pupils in Year 5, focus on many different things:
"I liked working with long multiplication in maths lessons because, at first, I didn’t understand it but with some practice I did, and then I found it really easy." - Henry
"I enjoyed learning about changes over time in the human life cycle because it was interesting and it applies to everyone so it is important to know about." - Annabelle
"I really enjoyed our trip to the Tudor House museum because we learned new things about the time periods that we were researching and then we practised some drama to share our learning with the rest of the class." - Haya
"I liked learning about all the power stations in the UK in Geography, and I also really liked finding out about food miles." - Oscar
"Doing the 10 pieces video for the BBC competition was really fun because we made lots of different sounds with our mouths and bodies in the middle of one piece that we created." - Emilia
"I liked working with different people in drama and  having lots of pieces to work on, especially the ones for my LAMDA exam." - William
"Videoing our comments about the trip to PGL was fun because I got to explain what we did and I recognised that I may not be great in some activities but I can still enjoy doing them." - Alex R
All of these activities have included elements of challenge for individuals and the children themselves were able to recognise aspects that challenged them and how overcoming the challenges has taught them skills and attitudes that they can carry forward, as explained by Alex above. Comments from some of the children can be seen in the video that was made of their reflections about their experiences at PGL (below). You can also see the photo library online.
We wish every pupil in Year 5 well as they move into the final stage of their Sherborne House journey next term at the start of Year 6.



Published on 10/07/2018