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Diwali Celebrations

Thursday afternoon, saw the children of Year R and Year 1 enjoying a Diwali themed event organised and run by some of our fantastic parents. The children were treated to a fantastic presentation from Kabir Patwardhan, who explained what Diwali was and why it was celebrated, as well as reminding us of the story of Rama and Sita. We then watched Saachi, Priya, Shreya, Avani, Annika and Anaiya perform some beautiful dancing. We were so impressed that they remembered all the moves and performed with such big smiles on their faces! The children then took part in a variety of activities including cake decorating, creating Rangoli patterns from petals, making glittery diva lamps, colouring and having small henna designs on their hands. The children were all very excited and eager to participate, and worked very well in their groups. The henna tattoos were a big hit, with the children choosing some beautiful patterns including butterflies and flowers. The afternoon ended with an outside activity where the children were able to use ‘fun snaps’ to create lots of noise! The children found this very amusing and it was a great finish to an educational afternoon. Many, many thanks to Mrs Sahu, Dr Kunjur, Mrs Khaira, Mrs Gayatri, Mrs Aujla, Dr Patwardhan, Mrs Arora and Dr Sood for such an excellent afternoon of activities. We are already looking forward to next year!

Published on 06/11/2014